About Chinatown Resident Association


Comprised of Chinatown residents, Chinatown Resident Association was founded in 1999 to increase the resident voice on issues that affect Chinatown. It is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to fight for the Chinatown working class rights and interest and advance their quality of life.

For years, CRA has been motivating and organizing the residents to voice out and participate in various activities and movements. Sweating under the burning sun in the summer and trembling in the freezing winter, active residents protested in the streets and expressed their desire for their rights, and affordable housing. During the election season, CRA contacted residents in different buildings throughout Chinatown consistently to attend the Voters Registration and Election workshop, explaining why voting is important. The turnout number of residents who voted in Chinatown has been increasing year by year.

Boston Chinatown has over 100 years of history. However, many Chinatown residents live in poverty. It is only recently that CRA has united the residents, asked them to speak out and protest, to fight for more affordable housing and to actively vote in elections in 2006, a historical voting victory came with the result that the bilingual ballot was provided. In recent years, the candidates for Boston Mayor and city councils have participated in Chinatown forum and answered residents’ questions. They see the increasing clout of the Chinatown vote.

In addition, CRA is still pushing for a public library branch in Chinatown. We also seek funds for Green Jobs from the government.

CRA continues to work for the residents. CRA needs your support. CRA is fundraising through friendly donations from businesses and individuals with a passion for Chinese community development. Your donation will be making a difference.

Yours Sincerely,

Hin Sang Yu                                                    Yoke Chew Mah

Co-Chair                                                          Co-Chair

November 16, 2015

Email chinatownresidents@gmail.com for more information.

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One thought on “About Chinatown Resident Association

  1. July 31, 2015

    Bet Har Wong-Chan
    South Cove WIC
    South Cove Community Health Center
    145 South Street
    Boston, MA 02111-2826

    Henry Yee and Maria Moy, co-chair persons,
    Boston Chinatown Residents Association
    Boston, MA 02112

    Dear Mr. Yee and Mrs. Moy:

    On behalf of the South Cove Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), I would like to thank you for allowing me to present general information and update about WIC during your July 1, 2015 monthly meeting for your members.
    With your help, the South Cove WIC can provide valuable nutrition education and card to buy nutritious foods to as many eligible individuals in our area as possible. I hope that you will continue to refer all potentially eligible individuals to the South Cove WIC Program.
    We also recognize the importance of your organization’s services to the residents of Boston Chinatown. We may be able to post on our office’s bulletin board flyers about your monthly meetings.
    If you need further information, please contact me either at bethar.wong@scchc.org or call me at 617-521-6775.
    Bet Har (Judy) Wong-Chan
    Community coordinator
    http://www.facebook.com /South Cove Wic Program

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