Press release


November 21, 2015
Lance Campbell
Senior Project Manager
Boston Redevelopment Authority
One City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA 02201

Mr. Lance Campbell,
The Chinatown Residents Association is a non-profit organization that serves as a neighborhood voice. The Chinatown Resident Association consists of residents in Chinatown. ​The mission of ​ CRA​ is to advance the quality of life of Chinatown residents and preserve Chinatown as a neighborhood for working families and the elderly.​ ​ Its goals include: 1) Promote resident decision-making over the future of Chinatown, 2) Preserve and expand affordable housing, 3) Work for a safe and healthy living environment, and 4) Cooperate with community  organizations and businesses to strengthen Chinatown as a social, cultural, political and economic center.
On November 4, the Boston Chinatown Resident Association was given a presentation on a proposed development at 48 Boylston St. This presentation was given by Lisa Alberghini in front of many CRA members at our monthly public meeting. After much review and discussion, the CRA would like to offer its support in favor of the proposed development. The proposed project fits a dire need for affordable housing in downtown and works to remove homeless people from the streets of Boston. Overall, this is a great project for the city of Boston.


Boston Chinatown Resident Association


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